Child Support

Child Support Law

In all child custody cases and divorces involving the custody of a minor child, the issue of child support must be addressed. With the exception of extremely rare circumstances, a parent with primary physical care, or custody, of a minor child will be the recipient of child support from the other parent–the parent with visitation rights.


Factors That Determine Child Support Payments

To calculate child support, courts use information provided by attorneys in the form of “Child Support Guideline worksheets.” These worksheets contain information on each parent’s gross income, cost of health insurance for the minor child if available, tax filing status, and others factors.

The law regarding child support can be difficult to navigate. It is important to make sure that in any case, including cases initiated by attorneys from the Child Support Recovery Unit, child support is calculated correctly. It becomes much more difficult to correct a miscalculated child support order at a later point.


Your Iowa Child Support Lawyer

Fisher Law Firm has the personnel and software needed to correctly calculate child support and make sure that you are receiving or paying the correct amount. Such an error could cost you thousands of dollars in the long-run, so we do everything we can with our legal expertise and resources to prevent that.

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