Spousal Support

In any divorce (but usually in marriages lasting at least 5-10 years) the court has the power to award the requesting party spousal support. In Iowa, spousal support can also be called alimony. When you call Fisher Law Firm for legal advice and representation, you will get an alimony lawyer who will help you on either side of the case, whether you are receiving or paying the spousal support.

Types of Alimony

There are three different types of spousal support that we work with: traditional, rehabilitative, and reimbursement.

Traditional support is most often declared for long-term marriages in which one spouse earns significantly more income than the other. This is the situation that most frequently resolves itself with a long-term and significant award of spousal support.

Rehabilitative support is temporary and is meant to support an economically dependent ex-spouse during a period of re-education or re-training following a divorce. The goal of this arrangement is to provide the receiving spouse financial support while he or she reintegrates into the workforce.

Reimbursement support is temporary and is typically awarded following a short-term marriage to compensate an ex-spouse for the economic sacrifices made that benefited the educational or career advancements of the other spouse.

Spousal Support in Iowa

Nevertheless, Iowa courts have significant latitude in determining spousal support amounts and duration regardless of the particular type of spousal support you seek from your soon-to-be ex-spouse or whether you are trying to reduce your exposure to paying alimony.

Central Iowa Alimony Lawyer

Attorney Scott Fisher has successfully represented clients requesting spousal support in both District Court cases and Court of Appeals matters. We know that it is imperative that you make sure that you are receiving or paying the correct amount of spousal support, so we will guide you through the entire process. A calculation error or mistake could be extremely costly and deprive you of the support you are entitled to. Your lawyer at Fisher Law will help give you the spousal support services you need to get the results you want.