Termination of Rights

The termination of a parent’s rights to their child(ren) is a serious matter. However, termination of parental rights is sometimes necessary to allow for a pathway to adoption services and/or to protect the child from abuse or neglect. A termination of parental rights is a “permanent and complete severance” of such a right. Once terminated, parental rights cannot be reinstated.

Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights

In order to terminate a parent’s rights to their own child, there needs to be grounds for termination and a best interest determination by the court. One often-used ground for termination is abandonment. Abandonment can occur when a parent fails to visit, communicate, or attempt to communicate with the child or child’s other parent within a given amount of time. Other possible grounds for termination of the parent’s rights include lengthy imprisonment of the party whose rights are to be terminated; consent by the parent whose rights are to be terminated; and failure of that parent to pay court-imposed child support or other financial responsibilities toward the child without just reasons.

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I have never lost a private termination of parental rights case in my career. These matters can be very technical in nature and require thorough preparation. Some attorneys mistakenly believe and counsel their prospective clients that a court will not terminate a parent’s parental rights unless there is a pending adoption. This is simply not true. When you call Fisher Law Firm for parental rights services, you will receive thorough legal representation and support for your case.


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